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  1. New Trends in Relationship Advice & Couples Counseling

    New Trends in Relationship Advice & Couples Counseling

    Newspapers. Landline telephones. Snail mail. What do they all have in common? The digital age has made them irrelevant and nearly obsolete. Strangely, the same thing is beginning to happen in the fields of relationship advice and especially couples counseling. Those seeking dating advice or relationship counseling are turning away...

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  2. Love Awake Review

    Love Awake Review

    Loveawake.com is a free international dating site. It has large member bases in the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, India, and South Africa, as well as in the United States. Many of the members are open to dating people from different countries. According to the site’s statistics, there are almost seven times...

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  3. When You Keep Picking the Wrong Partners

    When You Keep Picking the Wrong Partners

    Chemistry is often thought of as the “be-all, end-all” part of a relationship. Many people completely dismiss a potential partner, someone who is a solid, grounded, honest person, because they don’t feel “it”—the spark of chemistry. Now, I’d be the first person to say that having some sexual attraction, a...

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  4. The Masculine and Feminine Dance

    The Masculine and Feminine Dance

    A beautiful snapshot of Masculine and Feminine energies from my home this Saturday morning… (Before I share this story, know that this is a post from my Facebook page (Roy Biancalana—Relationshipcoach) on masculine/feminine dynamics and the response from one of my “friends.” It sheds light on the dance between two...

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  5. The Cheating Choice-Point

    The Cheating Choice-Point

    There is a choice-point moment in every relationship where you know you’re not happy with the current dynamic between you and your partner. It’s a point when you can feel in your body that you’re vulnerable to an affair, to cheating on your husband or wife, to looking outside your...

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