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  1. Why these 6 “F-Words” will sabotage your love life and keep you single

    Why these 6 “F-Words” will sabotage your love life and keep you single

    As a relationship coach, I find that all the approaches people use to find their life partner fall into two major categories. There are conventional approaches and there’s the conscious approach. I describe the conventional approaches to attracting lasting love with 6 F-Words. They’re “bad” words, mostly because they don’t...

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  2. What is a Superior Man?

    What is a Superior Man?

    Is there such a thing as an irresistible man? Is there a kind of man that every woman wants and the world desperately needs? Yes, there is. Though men have different backgrounds, interests and personalities, there are certain universal masculine qualities that every good woman finds attractive and even irresistible....

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  3. The Masculine and Feminine Dance

    The Masculine and Feminine Dance

    A beautiful snapshot of Masculine and Feminine energies from my home this Saturday morning… (Before I share this story, know that this is a post from my Facebook page (Roy Biancalana—Relationshipcoach) on masculine/feminine dynamics and the response from one of my “friends.” It sheds light on the dance between two...

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  4. The Cheating Choice-Point

    The Cheating Choice-Point

    There is a choice-point moment in every relationship where you know you’re not happy with the current dynamic between you and your partner. It’s a point when you can feel in your body that you’re vulnerable to an affair, to cheating on your husband or wife, to looking outside your...

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