Introducing: The Attracting Lasting Love Complimentary Exploratory Coaching Session! It’s 30-minutes long and available to anyone who is interested in working with Roy. In this conversation, Roy guarantees that you’ll accomplish 2 very important objectives: (1) You will identify the single most significant issue in your life that is sabotaging you and probably keeping you single and (2) You will learn exactly wha to do about it.
This is an incredible opportunity to have your love life assessed by a world-class coach and a #1 best-selling author. Reach out to Roy today.




Singles & Couples Coaching

Who does Roy work with?

Roy works with single adults (divorced, separated, widowed, never married) of any gender, sexual orientation or religious affiliation. His clients share a deep desire to attract a lasting, loving and healthy relationship.

Additionally, Roy’s clients are willing to:

  • take full responsibility for every aspect of their dating experience, including the kind of people they attract, how they’re treated and the patterns they experience.
  • meet every dating experience with curiosity, seeing each person and interaction as an opportunity to learn and grow in self-awareness.
  • reveal rather than conceal, meeting each dating, relating (and coaching) experience with openness, candor and authenticity.
  • commit to a relationship with Roy rather than a “one night stand.” Meaning, Roy does not do individual coaching sessions. He wants clients who are willing to commit to a process. Roy’s experience is that just as you can’t get physically in shape in one workout, you can’t get relationally in shape in a single coaching session.

Who does Roy NOT work with?

How does coaching work and what does Roy charge?

What makes Roy different?

What coaching tools does Roy use?

Does Roy have any legal stuff I might enjoy reading? (smile)

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