How to attract genuine love

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When single adults are interested in working with me, they often are curious about the benefits or outcomes that they can expect and the general principles that guide my work. Below are a few of the benefits of working with me, followed by my unique, proven five-fold approach to attracting genuine love.

• Learn THE secret to attracting genuine love (yes, there’s just one simple step)
• Eliminate relational patterns that have attracted the wrong partners
• Attract your ideal partner without the Internet, bars or clubs
• If you do want to use the Internet, learn how to set up your on-line profile to attract the person you want
• Let go of the emotional baggage that is be blocking love from coming into your life
• And most of all, meet the love of your life! Quickly!!

My unique and proven approach is not a cookie-cutter thing, for every person is different and is treated as such. It’s just that in my many years of experience, I have found that there are five critical areas of a person’s life that impact their desire to meet, date and create a committed relationship with their ideal partner. Here is a brief overview of my approach.

1. Commitment
Strange as it may seem, many people have not attracted genuine love because they’re not really committed to it. There is almost always a hidden reason or benefit to staying single. For example, if a person unconsciously fears being rejected or controlled or if they don’t believe that they are worthy of love, then they will sabotage themselves and keep themselves single. Coaching with Roy is about becoming aware of such unconscious commitments–and overcoming them–so that genuine love can quickly and easily appear.

2. Completion
Quite frequently, a person cannot attract a new relationship because their heart-space is occupied by an attachment of some kind to a former partner. For example, if a person is still filled with anger and bitterness, or, if a person is still hung up on or in love with a former partner, a new relationship doesn’t have the space to take root. It is critical to be emotionally and energetically complete with all former relationships.

3. Construction
In this stage, we discover and deconstruct the patterns, personas, actions and beliefs that have led to unfulfilling relationships. When this deep self-awareness work occurs, the client’s authentic self effortlessly emerges, which then attracts healthy intimacy. This is often the most exciting stage in the entire process, filled with mind-blowing “aha” moments as the client wakes up to who they’ve (falsely) been and who they authentically are.

4. Competence
Here we master the basic skills and behaviors necessary to create and maintain healthy intimacy. Being successful in any arena, whether it’s business, sports or even intimate relationships, depends on how competently and skillfully a person functions in that particular arena. Many people’s relationships haven’t worked because they didn’t know how to handle their emotions, deal with conflict and communicate effectively. In this stage, I want to raise my client’s relationship competency and skill level so that when they meet their ideal partner the relationship flourishes.

5. Creation
The first four stages of my approach have been focused on the client becoming the most evolved, healthy person imaginable, because you will always attract your reciprocal opposite, a person as equally evolved and healthy as you are. Having completed the first four stages, the client is now ready to attract their ideal partner. This is a fun stage because we discuss masculine/feminine dynamics, Internet dating and the Law of Attraction. We write magnetic profiles, create vision boards and find answers to fun questions like, “Who do you want? Where will you find them? What will you say when you first meet them? When will you have sex with them? How will you know they’re “The One”? and so on.

So that’s the process in brief. If you are committed, complete, re-constructed and competent, you won’t even have to do much creating! The love of your life will find you!

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