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  1. Compatibility: What’s Important and What’s Not

    Compatibility: What’s Important and What’s Not

    My wife and I have virtually nothing in common and yet we are perfectly compatible. How can that be? Well, it’s because compatibility is, perhaps, the single most misunderstood relationship principle in the world today. People routinely seek to be compatible in ways that don’t matter, while they ignore being...

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  2. Dating Games: Which one are you playing? (and you are playing one)

    Dating Games: Which one are you playing? (and you are playing one)

    Everyone plays games. I know that’s not what you want to hear, but it’s true. In the dating world, everybody is playing a game, including you. I don’t mean, however, that everyone is manipulative and inauthentic (though some are) what I mean is that everyone dates with a certain mindset...

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  3. What’s Your Relationship IQ?

    What’s Your Relationship IQ?

    Do you know your IQ? The number basically represents a person’s level of intelligence, their ability to reason. It can be an important factor in how successful a person is in life. The scores can range anywhere from genius to average to moron. (There is literally a “moron” range, and...

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  4. Coaching Structure

    Coaching Structure

    Everything you ever wanted to know about working with Roy I am the world’s biggest fan of coaching because it has allowed me to experience an amazing love life. I sincerely believe that partnering with an exceptional coach is an essential step in creating the love life you most desire...

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