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  1. What you can learn from a Narcissist

    What you can learn from a Narcissist

    Hardly a day goes by that I don’t see a post on Facebook, or some other social media platform, detailing someone’s experience with a narcissist. They write about how self-absorbed a narcissist is, how selfish and egocentric they are, how controlling they are…on and on it goes. Without diminishing the...

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  2. Why these 6 “F-Words” will sabotage your love life and keep you single

    Why these 6 “F-Words” will sabotage your love life and keep you single

    As a relationship coach, I find that all the approaches people use to find their life partner fall into two major categories. There are conventional approaches and there’s the conscious approach. I describe the conventional approaches to attracting lasting love with 6 F-Words. They’re “bad” words, mostly because they don’t...

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  3. Coaching Structure

    Coaching Structure

    Everything you ever wanted to know about working with Roy I am the world’s biggest fan of coaching because it has allowed me to experience an amazing love life. I sincerely believe that partnering with an exceptional coach is an essential step in creating the love life you most desire...

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