An amazing love life is yours to enjoy

Head Shot-Roy Biancalana


My name is Roy Biancalana and I am deeply passionate about supporting single people who want to attract lasting love. Yet I know from personal experience how frustrating and discouraging the entire process can be.

My relationship history is probably similar to yours—rocky, at best. I’ve been divorced, dumped by a fiancee, and had numerous other relationships that didn’t work out. I’ve felt confused and lost when it comes to relationships, wondering if I’d ever find one that was meaningful and lasting.

That frustration led me to hire a coach and our work together is THE reason why I was able to meet, date and marry, MaryMargaret, the love of my life. My wife and I have a relationship most people would die for, and it’s all because of the self-awareness journey I took with my coach.

Now I would like to take you on a similar journey. It would be my privilege to support you in attracting lasting love.

Surf around my site. There is so much here that can help you. I have written 2 books and I’ve also created a number of video eCourses that touch on almost every area of life that a single person faces.

Your best option, however, is to call me to set up a complimentary 30-minute exploratory session. In that conversation, we can get to know each other, discuss the issues you’re facing in your love life, talk about coaching structures and fees and see if working together feels right to us.

I have clients all over the world and I coach by phone, Skype or in person. You can reach me at: or 407-687-3387.

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