New Trends in Relationship Advice & Couples Counseling

Online dating horror stories how to tips advice build a profile find love, find men, find womenNewspapers. Landline telephones. Snail mail. What do they all have in common? The digital age has made them irrelevant and nearly obsolete. Strangely, the same thing is beginning to happen in the fields of relationship advice and especially couples counseling.

Those seeking dating advice or relationship counseling are turning away from the traditional model of making an appointment with a couples counselor or a life coach, traveling to their office and sitting on their proverbial couch for an hour every week. People are turning to digital formats to find information on how to improve their lives.

For example, in an article titled, Trends in Psychology, Joanna Fishman writes, “The use of computer programs is one of the newest innovations in mental health care. In many cases, a client using this treatment does not meet often with their counselor, but instead works with a computer program to reduce anxiety, improve depression or manage pain. The programs track progress and can be remotely monitored by a counselor.”

While there will always be those who want a face-to-face session in which they can share their story and be heard, the trend in relationship advice is toward digitally-based solutions. Clients are seeking personal transformation that is accessible, affordable, available and awakened.


Google is the new therapist in the digital age. People seeking wisdom on how to change their lives aren’t going to an office. They’re going online. Fighting traffic, finding sitters and fitting sessions into hectic schedules is a logistical nightmare and it’s no longer necessary. The trend is toward self help and immediately accessible information through any device that receives a WiFi signal.


With the economy continuing to struggle and corporations cutting employee benefit packages, people are looking for affordable alternatives to the tradition therapy session which can cost upwards of $150 an hour. Digital platforms like eCourses, webinars, YouTube videos  and online interactivity are highly effective and inexpensive ways to experience profound personal growth.


People want the best care available and travel to places like The Cleveland Clinic or The Mayo Clinic for various medical issues. They’re the best. But what if the best couples counselor doesn’t live in your town? Digital platforms like those mentioned above have made world-class experts readily available.


People are looking for solutions and breakthroughs that change their lives quickly and permanently. The old model of spending months or years on a therapist’s couch exploring childhood wounds is fading away. There is an emerging hunger for a “new” kind of wisdom. Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung are being replaced by Eckhart Tolle and Deepak Chopra.

The Cutting Edge

On the cutting edge of this new digital trend, has created a growing library of affordable, video-based, state-of-the-art eCourses for singles, couples or those merely interested in living a more effective, conscious life.

As an example, has an eCourse for couples called, 4 Secrets to Crazy, Sexy, Lasting! Love and one for singles called, Attracting Lasting Love. These eCourses, and the others on the site, are quite simply the most affordable, accessible and awakened relationship wisdom available in the world today.


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