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The Radiant Woman (Available Now!)

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Sydney shares her experience with the Radiant Woman eCourse!

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It’s a woman’s deepest desire to be with a partner who is fully devoted and dedicated to them and their life together. Yet far too often, single women experience disinterested or disappearing men, while women in committed relationships often experience distracted or disengaged partners.

This 7-module e-course supports women in reconnecting to their most succulent, wild, enchanting self. It’s not about becoming what men want, but about reclaiming who you already are—a Radiant Woman. A woman like that is irresistible and she effortlessly evokes a man’s full devotion and commitment.

With music by Meredith Brooks, Lady Gaga and The Beatles and movie clips from The Truman Show, As Good As It Gets and Pleasantville, you will not only rediscover your Original Shine, but you’ll have a great time doing it. Commit to your most authentic self and take this e-course today.


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