eCourse preview: The Superior Man

Too many men are going through the motions, living a safe distance from their edge, not knowing why they’re alive and not giving themselves to their deep purpose. Such men make women yawn and the world suffer. But each man knows he’s here to be and do so much more than merely “gettin’ paid and gettin’ laid.” Each man knows, deep in his soul, that he’s called and capable of being a superior man. This 5 module e-course, taught by Roy Biancalana, which includes a panel of women discussing what they find desirable in men, is for men who are sick of living mediocre, uninspired, safe lives. It’s for men who want to be superior—living with purpose, presence and passionate hearts. If you are experiencing difficulty in your relationship with women or the world, your challenge is to take this e-course today and become the man every woman wants and the world desperately needs.

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