Coaching with Roy Client Testimonials

Greg and Rebecca Denman

I found the love of my life!

Working with Roy was the reason I was able to find the love of my life. Before our work, I had many frustrating and hurtful experiences in the dating scene. I was sort of at the end of my rope. But after about 6 months with Roy, I met Rebecca and we were married in January, 2013. Had I not worked with Roy, I would never have met her. I am truly grateful for Roy and what we did together.

Roy’s Attracting Genuine Love workshop got right to the crux of what was holding me back from finding the kind of relationship I’ve always longed for. His approach is sensible, soul- searching, compassionate and honest. He guided me through the steps to changing my life and being the woman that I truly am. If you get a chance to attend one of his live workshops or take one of his e-courses, I’m sure your life will be transformed, as mine was. Thank you, Roy.

Denise Dietrich

I wish I would have know this years ago!

In February 2013, I attended Roy’s live workshop, Attracting Lasting Love. I walked away with an understanding of why I am not in a loving relationship and what I can do about it. Wow! I wish I would have know this years ago! I now have the self-awareness and the tools to attract my ideal partner and I see that happening 2013.

Lost. That is the best adjective I can find to explain the way I felt before I met, and started working with Roy. Honestly, at the time I had a lot of doubt that things would improve and I could feel better, all for just talking to a “stranger”. I was very skeptical.

Our first meeting was interesting and nothing like I had imagined, all for good reasons. Roy has a way about him that makes you feel very comfortable, as if you’re just hanging out and talking with an old friend. There was never any pressure, or judgment. Roy showed me a new way of thinking, and taught me how to believe in myself again. His confidence is contagious.

Roy’s real life experiences make him very relatable. With his helpful advice, knowledge, guidance, and most of all genuine support, I was able to turn my life around and get back to a great place. Had it taken any longer I truly believe I could have missed out on the best thing that ever happened to me, my wife. So once again, thank you Roy for everything you’ve done to help guide me to where I am today. I am grateful.

Roy Biancalana is a very gifted relationship coach.

Roy Biancalana is a very gifted relationship coach. I am a media broadcaster and have interviewed many experts in the field, and I must say Roy is the most astute. He guided me to rewrite my dating profile in a way that was so expressive and compelling and it brought me wonderful results. Roy is no nonsense, tells it like it is, but with a candor that is kind and caring, that is easy to hear and follow. If you want results in the online dating world, and in the world of dating in general, Roy can help you. I took everyone of his suggestions, and it opened up the door to finding the right man for me.[/quote]

Without Roy, I would not have the beautiful family that I have now.

Roy has been a long time co-pilot to me on my life journey. His wisdom and guidance has played a direct role in my ability to meet my wife, Shivonne. Without Roy, I would not have the beautiful family that I have now. I find his passion for growing and waking up to be extremely contagious. When I spend time with Roy, I feel as if I am moving forward with large strides.

Sydney Davis

My heart is now open.

Roy has a natural, authentic ease to his coaching style that allowed me to feel safe and open up immediately. He tuned into me and asked thoughtful, penetrating questions that allowed me to recognize and release a lot of negative energy I was carrying towards a former partner. If feels so wonderful to have let go of all the bitterness and hurt. My heart is now open and available to give and receive love. I wholeheartedly recommend Roy! Enjoy the journey!

I am a beautiful and juicy goddess

Being coached by Roy helped me to open up to the possibility of experiencing a great relationship, something I had been closed to in the past. I got in touch with stories I had been telling myself for years, stories that kept me stuck in the same patterns that were bringing me heartache and frustration. I had been swinging from one failed relationship “branch” to another, but through Roy’s coaching, I was able to also see myself as the beautiful and juicy goddess that I am and land in the arms of a wonderful man! Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Roy!

Coaching that touches me to my core

Diana: “Roy brings his passionate, loving and deeply authentic self to every coaching session! He has dedicated his life to bringing out the best in himself and others and will settle for nothing less. So if you are truly ready to show up as your best self he is a brilliant guide to get you there!”
Matt: “When I receive coaching from Roy it touches me to my core. His open heart and presence take in what I’m conveying with my words and my mind. He’s then able to send his wisdom and love to me in a way that I can carry out in my life.”



Scott Kiloby

You are in good hands with Roy.

I highly recommend Roy if you are interested in discovering the Living Inquiries. He dove into my work in his own life very deeply and really soaked in the insights and found his own freedom in it. He is now a Living Inquiries Senior Facilitator Trainer and does a lot of great work for us. He is eager to help and has a depth of wisdom to share along with great skills which seem to come quite naturally for him. You are in good hands with Roy.

This will help me in all the relationships in my life

I’m not sure how to express in words how much I enjoyed the workshop with Roy and what I got out of it. I consider myself a pretty “enlightened” person who is always working towards personal growth. I can tell you I got more from the Attracting Genuine Love workshop than I have from anything in years (maybe ever). It truly was fantastic, with meaningful and valuable content. I had numerous “ah-hah” moments. I feel like what I walked away with will help me in all the relationships in my life, not just with a significant other. Roy is a very engaging speaker and I would have spent twice the money to attend one of his workshops.

I am now a profoundly different woman.

Attending the Attracting Lasting Love workshop was a powerful experience for me. I learned to open my heart, let go of my fears and allow love to flow freely through my body. I am now a profoundly different woman as a result of what I learned from Roy. I recommend Roy’s workshops or his e-courses to anyone seeking deep, personal growth and the experience of genuine love.

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