Coaching with Roy Client Testimonials


Over the past few years, it has been a delight to watch Roy step into his genius in supporting those who wish to attract genuine love into their lives. It is a rare gift to find a coach who has both deep insight into the human condition and who lives it in his own life. If you are serious about attracting love, then Roy is the coach you want at your side.

— Gay Hendricks, Ph.D. (Roy’s Mentor)


Roy has a natural, authentic ease to his coaching style that allowed me to feel safe and open up immediately. He tuned into me and asked thoughtful, penetrating questions that allowed me to recognize and release a lot of negative energy I was carrying towards a former partner. If feels so wonderful to have let go of all the bitterness and hurt. My heart is now open and available to give and receive love.

Sydney Davis (Client)



Working with Roy was the reason I was able to find the love of my life. Before our work, I had many frustrating and hurtful experiences in the dating scene. I was sort of at the end of my rope. But soon after working with Roy, I met Rebecca. We got married about a year later and now we’re expecting our first child. Had I not worked with Roy, I would never have met her. I am truly grateful for Roy and what we did together.

Greg Denman (Client) 


Roy’s coaching was a powerful experience for me. I learned to open my heart, let go of my fears and allow love to flow freely through my body. I am now a profoundly different woman as a result of what I learned from Roy.

Lecia Percival (Client)


I highly recommend Roy! He’s eager to help and has a depth of wisdom to share along with great skills which seem to come quite naturally for him. You are in good hands with Roy.

Scott Kiloby (Roy’s Coach)


Working with Roy gave me the understanding as to why I am not in a loving relationship and what I can do about it. Wow! I wish I would have known this years ago! I now have the self-awareness and the tools to attract my ideal partner.

Denise Dietrich (Client)


Being coached by Roy helped me to open up to the possibility of experiencing a great relationship, something I had been closed to in the past. I got in touch with stories I had been telling myself for years, stories that kept me stuck in the same patterns that were bringing me heartache and frustration. Thank you, Roy, from the bottom of my heart!

Gillian Joseph (Client) 


If I had not worked with Roy and learned that I am worthy of love, I would have missed out on meeting and marrying Tito, the most incredible man I’ve ever known. Thank you, Roy!

Christina Alvarez (Client)



Roy brings his passionate, loving and deeply authentic self to every coaching session! He has dedicated his life to bringing out the best in himself and others and will settle for nothing less. So if you are truly ready to show up as your best self he is a brilliant guide to get you there!

— Diana Chapman (Roy’s Coach)


When I first met Roy, his fiancée had just broken off their engagement. Though he was in a lot of pain, he was open to learning and willing to take responsibility for his experience. Consequently, he radically changed his life and is now in a wonderful and healthy relationship. Because of his dedication to his own awakening, Roy is an ideal person to show others how to transform their lives as well. If you want to consciously attract your ideal partner, I highly recommend working with Roy.

— Grace Caitlin (Roy’s Coach)


I consider myself a pretty “enlightened” person, but I can tell you I got more from my time with Roy than I have from anything in years—maybe ever. It truly was fantastic.

Ann Scott (Client)



I began working with Roy and with his guidance, I got clear on what I wanted in a guy and what had to happen within me to attract him. We worked on what I believed about myself, and the way I was suppressing my feminine energy. Those two shifts allowed me to attract a different kind of man, and soon, I met the love of my life, Tom. Thank you so much, Roy!

Alena Benchova (Client)


Roy’s coaching got right to the crux of what was holding me back from finding the kind of relationship I’ve always longed for. His approach is sensible, soul- searching, compassionate and honest. Thank you, Roy.

Janice Pendley (Client, pictured with her daughter)


Roy has been a long time co-pilot to me on my life journey. His wisdom and guidance has played a direct role in my ability to meet my wife, Shivonne. Without Roy, I would not have the beautiful family that I have now.

Michael and Shivonne Wright (Clients)


Roy’s eCourses changed my life. I watched “The Radiant Woman” eCourse and in November, I met the man of my dreams, and we are getting married next month. I feel so fortunate to have come across your website and being willing to accept the coaching you provide. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Isobel Mackie (Client)


I would never recommend a coach who doesn’t ‘eat his own cooking.’ Too many coaches are talking about things they believe – not things they have experienced. Roy has ‘eaten his own cooking.’ As a coach, Roy is inviting you into a journey that he himself is on and one that he lives day to day.

— Jim Dethmer (Roy’s Friend)

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