Introducing: The Attracting Lasting Love Complimentary Exploratory Coaching Session! It’s 30-minutes long and available to anyone who is interested in working with Roy. In this conversation, Roy guarantees that you’ll accomplish 2 very important objectives: (1) You will identify the single most significant issue in your life that is sabotaging you and probably keeping you single and (2) You will learn exactly wha to do about it.
This is an incredible opportunity to have your love life assessed by a world-class coach and a #1 best-selling author. Reach out to Roy today.




Singles & Couples Coaching

Who does Roy work with?

Roy works with single adults (divorced, separated, widowed, never married) of any gender, sexual orientation or religious affiliation. His clients share a deep desire to attract a lasting, loving and healthy relationship.

Additionally, Roy’s clients are willing to:

  • take full responsibility for every aspect of their dating experience, including the kind of people they attract, how they’re treated and the patterns they experience.
  • meet every dating experience with curiosity, seeing each person and interaction as an opportunity to learn and grow in self-awareness.
  • reveal rather than conceal, meeting each dating, relating (and coaching) experience with openness, candor and authenticity.
  • commit to a relationship with Roy rather than a “one night stand.” Meaning, Roy does not do individual coaching sessions. He wants clients who are willing to commit to a process. Roy’s experience is that just as you can’t get physically in shape in one workout, you can’t get relationally in shape in a single coaching session.
Who does Roy NOT work with?

Roy is not a dating coach. If you want tips or advice, Roy is not the coach for you. Furthermore, if you want to discuss where to meet people, how to approach them in public, what to say to gain their interest and other surface things like that, you have definitely come to the wrong place. Roy wants to have deeper conversations about the ways you are sabotaging your love life and keeping yourself single. This requires clients who are interested in self-awareness rather than advice and quick fixes.

How does coaching work and what does Roy charge?

Roy’s fees are not posted online. They are discussed within the privacy of The Attracting Lasting Love Complimentary Exploratory Coaching Session. However, here is a brief description of his most life-changing coaching program:

  • Total Immersion Coaching Program—The intention that Roy holds for his clients is that they completely transform their relationship to love and ultimately attract and create a conscious, lasting relationship. The coaching structure that reliably fulfills that intention is this:
    • 8 one-hour coaching sessions, spread out over 4 months (roughly one session every other week, but that’s up to the client).

    This program also includes:

    • Unlimited unscheduled 15-min. laser coaching sessions
    • Unlimited email support & feedback
    • Development or overhaul of the client’s online presence/profile (if desired)
    • Lifetime access to all video-based eCourses on CwR.com
    • Lifetime access to all The MasterFind Circle group coaching programs
    • Both of Roy’s books
What makes Roy different?

Roy is a valuable ally for those who want to attract lasting love for the following reasons:

  • Approach—What sets Roy apart is that rather than focusing on surface issues like where to meet people or what to say to them, Roy focuses on deeper issues like how to end repeating patterns, how to overcome the fear of rejection, how to let go of the past so you can open your heart again, how to use your masculine or feminine energy to attract your ideal partner, and so on. In other words, Roy is great at getting right to the heart of the matter, for when those issues are addressed, his clients quickly attract lasting love.
  • Training—Roy has had the privilege of being trained and certified by some of the best psychologists, spiritual teachers and relationship coaches in the world (see the “About Roy” tab on the homepage for more information on his mentors).
  • Availability—While all coaching sessions are done by phone (Skype is reserved for international clients only) Roy’s availability to his clients extends far beyond their scheduled 1-hour sessions. His clients are encouraged to call him—in between formal sessions—to ask questions or receive support when needed. When you work with Roy you are not merely a client. You are in a relationship with him and he is “on call” for you.
What coaching tools does Roy use?

The primary tool Roy uses to guide his clients toward conscious loving and living is his own direct experience and journey. However, he also use the following coaching tools:

  • The Dating Manifesto: The 7 Commitments of Conscious Dating—This is something Roy has written and it forms the blueprint for how to attract and sustain a healthy, conscious relationship. Everything he does is based on it and every new client receives a copy of it.
  • Attracting Lasting Love—This is Roy’s newest book and it’s a #1 best seller. It describes 7 ways people sabotage their love lives and keep themselves single. Most coaching sessions are spent exploring one or more of these 7 issues.
  • The Enneagram Personality System—This is the most powerful personal growth tool Roy’s ever come across. He uses it extensively and all of his clients are sent a self-assessment test before their first session.
  • Masculine/Feminine Dynamics—Most people misunderstand and misuse these energies and it’s a major reason why they don’t attract lasting love. This is a major focus of Roy’s work.
  • Persona Work—A key part of attracting a healthy, lasting relationship is to recognize and release something called a “relationship persona.” This is a false, fear-driven way of relating and it’s the reason people attract the same partners, patterns, problems and pain over and over again. Letting go of your relationship persona and learing how to relate authentically is a key step in your journey.
Does Roy have any legal stuff I might enjoy reading? (smile)

All counsel, direction, information, teaching, books, eCourses and materials offered through or by Roy Biancalana and Coachingwithroy.com are for educational purposes only and are not intended in any way to be a replacement for, or a substitute to, qualified medical advice, diagnosis or treatment, or as a replacement for, or a substitute to, psychological advice, diagnosis or treatment, or therapy from a fully qualified and licensed person.

If you think you are suffering from a medical or psychological condition, consult your doctor or other appropriately qualified professional person or service immediately. We are not responsible or liable for any action or decision, be it financial, emotional, occupational or relational (up to and including suicide) made by a client or clients based on the counsel, direction, information, teaching, books, eCourses or materials offered by Roy Biancalana or Coachingwithroy.com.

Furthermore, it is understood that nothing that Roy Biancalana or coachingwithroy.com teaches, says, writes or produces should be seen as advice or telling a client what to do. Clients make their own choices and they are fully responsible for them and the consequences they produce. Roy’s role is simply to be present with a client, supporting them in accessing their own inner wisdom and guidance. He is not an advisor and doesn’t give advice in regards to medical, ethical, moral, financial, occupational, emotional or relational matters.

Additionally, we shall not be liable for any damages or costs of any type arising out of, or in any way connected with, or as a result of, your relationship, directly or indirectly with Roy Biancalana and coachingwithroy.com. Furthermore, you agree to never bring suit for anything associated with your involvement with Roy Biancalana or coachingwithroy.com, including his counsel, direction, information, teaching, books, eCourses and materials.

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