The Relationship Fitness Self Test


(This test takes 3 minutes and your answers will never be shared with anyone.)


There are 30 true/false questions in this self-test. They are designed to assess your "relationship fitness level," which is the key to attracting, creating or maintaining a healthy, sustainable, intimate relationship.

Once you answer the questions and then enter your email address, your results will be sent to your inbox immediately (make sure is in your contacts).

Your results email will tell you three things: First, it will tell you your relationship fitness level ("Ripped," "Skinny Fat," "Overweight," "Unhealthy," or "Dangerously Out of Shape). Second, it will explain what your fitness level means, and third, it will give you recommendations as to how to get in better relationship shape (if needed).

Lastly, this is a very accurate test, but only if you answer the questions honestly. Don’t try to get a high score by giving what you believe are the “right” answers. Be brutally honest with yourself and know that both your answers and your results are completely confidential.

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I’m single because I just haven’t met the right person yet.
I have a list (or vision board) that describes the qualities I want in a partner.
When I feel down, stressed or lonely, I try to stay busy, vent to a friend, watch TV or do something to take my mind off those feelings.
I have been hurt before, so I admit that I might have some “trust issues.”
I’m not great at setting boundaries, asking for what I want, or saying “no.”
While I’m certainly not perfect, most of the problems in my past relationships were caused by my partners and their issues.
Because I don’t have a partner, I sometimes feel lonely and disconnected.
I don’t like being single. I want to figure out what the problem is and fix it.
I believe in the “law of attraction” and I want to use it to attract my life partner.
I sometimes turn to “comfort foods” or alcohol when I’m upset, sad or feeling anxious.
Words like “vulnerability,” “surrender” and “trust” are really scary things for me.
I tend not share my true feelings or opinions, especially early in a relationship, because I might be misunderstood, judged or even rejected.
Meeting each other’s emotional needs is the purpose and beauty of an intimate
I sometimes worry that I might never meet someone special and that I will grow old
When it comes to relationships, trusting yourself—your thoughts, gut instincts and feelings—is the wise thing to do.
My emotions have a long shelf-life. If I’m really upset about something, it can last for days.
I believe that trust has to be earned and it’s based on the other person’s behavior and character.
On a first date, if I’m unsure of my feelings or if I’m confused or concerned about something, I tend to keep it to myself and give the relationship a chance.
Unselfishness is the key to a loving, lasting relationship. You need to be willing to sacrifice and compromise.
I am on two or more online dating sites.
Total honesty and complete transparency are good theories, but in the real world, you need to keep some things to yourself in order to avoid conflict and get along with others.
I have continued to date people that I knew weren’t “the one.”
One of my biggest questions is where to go to meet someone special.
Finding a person with whom I feel both chemistry and compatibility is like trying to find a needle in a haystack
Because my heart has been broken, I pay attention to what people say and do in order to protect myself from being hurt again.
The love of a wonderful partner would go a long way in ending my feeling unlovable or not good enough.
I try not to express anger, especially early in a relationship. I’m afraid it might give someone the wrong impression or even scare them off.
I seem to get put in the “friend zone” way too often.
An important skill in relationships is learning how to say what’s on your mind without hurting someone’s feelings or upsetting them.
To be honest, my self-esteem isn’t very high. I could certainly use to learn how to love myself more.