The Relationship Fitness Self Test


(This test takes 3 minutes and your answers will never be shared with anyone.)


There are 30 true/false questions in this self-test. They are designed to assess your "relationship fitness level," which is the key to attracting, creating or maintaining a healthy, sustainable, intimate relationship.

Once you answer the questions and then enter your email address, your results will be sent to your inbox immediately (make sure is in your contacts).

Your results email will tell you three things: First, it will tell you your relationship fitness level ("Ripped," "Skinny Fat," "Overweight," "Unhealthy," or "Dangerously Out of Shape). Second, it will explain what your fitness level means, and third, it will give you recommendations as to how to get in better relationship shape (if needed).

Lastly, this is a very accurate test, but only if you answer the questions honestly. Don’t try to get a high score by giving what you believe are the “right” answers. Be brutally honest with yourself and know that both your answers and your results are completely confidential.

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