A New Year Resolution to Make Today

If you are making New Year’s Resolutions this year, permit me to ask you a couple of very bold and maybe borderline offensive questions. Ready? Hold on.

What makes you think this year will turn out any different from last year? I don’t mean that to be harsh. I simply ask you the same question I ask myself. Why would this year be any different than the last? Didn’t you want to lose the same twenty pounds last year that you’re wanting to lose this year? Aren’t you wanting to quit the same bad habits (smoking, gossiping, diet coke (mine), overspending, fighting with your spouse, etc., etc., etc.) this year that you wanted to quit last year? Aren’t you wanting to get in shape, learn to meditate, deepen your marriage, find a better job, double your income, experience inner peace, start a business, find a mate, get a divorce, get sober, write a book – aren’t those basically the same goals you had last year at this time? What makes you think this year will turn out differently? Seriously?

Can I tell you the secret to turning your resolutions into realities, the secret to achieving any goal, the secret to changing any bad habit? It’s so obvious that when you hear it, you’ll slap your head as if you should have had a V-8. Every successful person knows this secret and adheres to it religiously. I don’t care if it’s Tiger Woods, Oprah Winfrey, the CEO of a Fortune 500 company, a student wanting to get high scores on the SAT’s, an entrepreneur trying to get his or her company off the ground, someone in debt, an actor trying to make it in Hollywood, someone running for office, a professional athlete in any sport or someone seeking enlightenment! – They all know the secret to manifesting their dreams. What is it?


They hire a coach. Yes, they pay someone to support them in creating the life they want. They know that the Lone Ranger mentality is for big egos and even bigger losers. They hire someone to help them get to where they want to go. My best friend is a personal coach to dozens of Fortune 500 CEO’s. These are some of the highest functioning, most talented people on the planet. Yet they know they need someone at their side to help them bring about the changes they want to see. Actors have coaches, Tiger Woods has coaches, students have tutors, seekers have gurus.

Today, I am very pleased with my life because I have consistently sought coaching to achieve my dreams. I’ve had numerous golf coaches, personal trainers and sports psychologists. I’ve had coaches help me learn to parent effectively, speak publicly, manage my money, help me start businesses and seek my enlightenment. No matter what I have been up to in my life, I can give you the name of the person I hired to help me get there. I even hired a writing coach to help me with my book.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. “Tiger Woods, CEO’s, actors, athletes, and even you, Roy, have the money to hire these kinds of people. I don’t.” Well, first of all, there hasn’t been a single time in my life when I’ve hired a coach that it was NOT a serious financial stretch. And secondly, I could not afford NOT to hire a coach – and neither can you. Coaches, at least the good ones, pay for themselves. For example, one of my clients was out of work when she began working with me. She wanted to start her own company. She had the vision and the commitment. But she knew she needed a coach too. Six months later she’s making $50,000 – a month (no, that’s not a typo). Not having money is an excuse. It’s never the truth.

One more thing. You must HIRE someone. Your sister won’t do. You BFF won’t do either. Dr. Phil and Oprah won’t do. Books won’t do. You need an impartial person who is an expert with a proven track record to walk with you toward your goals.
Am I that person for you? Honestly, I don’t know. I really don’t. If you need someone with technical expertise in your industry, I’m not the coach for you. I’m not a consultant. If you need financial advice, I’m not the coach for you either. I’m not a financial planner. Basically, my clients come to me for all the same reasons they might go to a therapist or a counselor. They want to…

  • Find inner peace and happiness…
  • Relieve stress, anxiety, depression and anger
  • Save their marriage…
  • Rekindle their sex lives
  • Attract a healthy partner into their life
  • Handle the cravings and bingeing that sabotages their weight loss
  • End the drama and pain that permeates their relationships
  • Make more money or find a better job
  • Experience enlightenment and personal development…and so on.

If those issues, or issues like them, appear on your resolution list, then call me, because:


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