Praise for Roy’s Book: Relationship Addiction, A Memoir

From Being Hooked to Being Happy—A Spiritual Path to Relationship Bliss by Roy Biancalana

It’s rare for me to find a book that is both highly entertaining as well as insightful. Roy has brilliantly and courageously revealed his journey as a relationship addict and offers his wisdom to those who share this addiction. His advice may not always be what you want to hear, but in my book, he’s brilliantly defined the doorway out of profound loneliness and back to love.

Diana Chapman, 42, Female

Santa Cruz, CA.

After meeting Roy and choosing him as my life and relationship coach, I read his book A Drink with Legs. What a eye opening look into my dating relationship patterns and mistakes! Along with spiritual enlightening tools to excavate our authentic selves, his book is lighthearted with a serious approach to the love relationship path. I would highly recommend reading A Drink with Legs if you are serious about ending dating nightmares, and creating a true, spiritual, love relationship.

Amber Weiss, 37, Female

Boca Raton, Florida

Roy has the rare ability to combine naked candor and truth with a keen sense of humor. This made reading the book so refreshing. I felt like he had been on the journey fully and was sharing with me the road map with all the short cuts and beautiful secret spots he had found along the way. One thing about Roy is he does not hold anything back; he both shares himself and his insights fully. A Drink with Legs is a goldmine for people seeking to move from co-dependent, drama-filled relationships into healthy, creative, joyous relationships. Thank you, Roy, for your courage to take your own journey and for making the learning accessible to others.

Grace Caitlin, 48, Female

Santa Cruz, CA.

After coming to the conclusion that my marriage was unfulfilling, Roy’s book, A Drink with Legs, gave me insight and courage to move forward with the next chapter of my life. His easy to read, but meaningful story, is a breath a fresh air amongst a lot of heavy books in the same genre. I continue to re-read this book; it is not only helping me understand the anatomy of my past experiences, but it’s helping me to shape the future choices I make in order to live my best life.

Kathy Lake, 33, Female

SanFrancisco, CA.

Its 4:45 a.m in Mumbai, India as I write you this mail. I got a copy of your book “A Drink With Legs” through Krish. Believe me, its been an eye opener. Its like I have been stopped and asked real hard hitting questions which I am even scared to face. I am still in the process of completing your book and just finished chapters 13 and 14 last night. I wanted to share the experience so far.

I started the book with a skeptical note, but as I went along I realized “Oh boy! this is really deep.” I had to admit that I was a ‘Relationship Addict’ (I use ‘was’ because I can now feel myself slowly discarding this addiction). So, yes, I was a relationship addict and your book helped me see this hard-to-digest UGLY truth. A real turning point was Chapter 11 when you shared the story about the 6 year old girl. I read it with a heavy heart and tears in my eyes. I had this emotional outburst and the experience and feelings you described related to this girl seemed exactly like my story—as if I had narrated it to you a while back and you penned it back to me.

Roy, its been a roller coaster ride with my feelings. Soon after doing the exercise at the end of the chapter, I went through this major guilt trip accompanied by feelings of resentments, hatred towards self/ others especially my dad and some men I was involved with; feelings of shame and thoughts like, “How I could I go so low and be so cheap?” I was like a doormat most times and just let some men treat me physically, emotionally, mentally anyway they wanted just because they gave me attention and some love to make me feel special or good—and that it hit me so deep down.

In this moment, I am inspired to find and own up to “my shadows,” but it seems a bit tough. It’s like I have lost so much over these 15-16 years in terms of opportunities (personal/academic/interests/hobbies/career, etc). Worse yet, I have indeed lost my true self and its hard to figure out because I now realize that I am living with this false pseudo persona for survival. To make it blatant, I feel like I am living in a dead body and I wish to change this. I want to live every moment enjoying it, feeling alive and I need to find my true original self again.

Thanks so much Roy! I am sure you recognize how much this book is going to transform people. God Bless!

Pallavi Singh, Female (age unknown)

Mumbai, India

A Drink with Legs is both a dynamic and powerful tool anyone can use to get started on their own path to creating a Spiritual Relationship with the partner of their dreams. While so many books today are still locked in blaming, keeping score and the ‘psychology’ of the relationship between men and women, Roy, in a most unique way, cuts through all that and focus’s on each person’s spiritual perspective and brings them back to the truth of their own consciousness again and again. Using his own true life stories and adventures (both the seemingly good and bad), Roy sets up a system for success leaving no steps out along the way. A Drink With Legs is a very honest and compelling read and spoke to me on a number of areas I needed to examine within. My life changed dramatically for the better after reading and using the concepts Roy shares. I heartily give A Drink With Legs two thumbs up!

Kelly Brown, 47, Female

Orlando, Florida

I just finished reading A Drink with Legs and wanted to tell you I absolutely loved it. It spoke to me deeply. I am committed to a new path and will use all your tools to discover more about myself. I believe all you have said in your book is completely life-altering for me and I think everyone should read it. When I was 3/4 of the way through the book I felt like everything in my life fell into sync, the world was clear and bright and I had shape-shifted into a new me. I really appreciated your down to earth sense of humor, personal authenticity, spirituality and how you blend it all together in such a new and inspiring approach and philosophy. I am going to be recommending it to a lot of my clients.

Mheyah Bailey, 45, Female

Vancouver, Canada

Reading A Drink With Legs was like holding a microscope up to my personal life and relationships. Each time I turned the page I saw my own mishaps in love being acknowledged and brought into full view. I believe this book made it possible for me to change some useless habits and live in a state of happy anticipation of a successful loving relationship. Thanks, Roy, for putting yourself out there to encourage others to open the door to more satisfying relationships.

Victoria Lloyd, 54, Female

Altamonte Springs, Florida

Rarely, when reading a book, do I find myself laughing out loud while at the same time having the thought, “this is profound.” I had this experience regularly while reading A Drink With Legs. I found the book to be a roadmap for navigating the treacherous terrain of relationships. Roy seems to understand the “real world” of difficult relationships and able to help me/us find our way through the maize to the possibility of a truly wonderful connection with another human being that is not, at its core, co-dependent. Quite frankly, I think the book is a must (and fun read) for anyone who serious about creating a profound connection with another human being.

Jim Dethmer, 57, Male

Chicago, IL

I found A Drink with Legs well-written and very interesting. The most profound new knowledge for me was that an addict usually must “bottom out” before change can take place. I was not aware of this but can surely accept that it is true and I will find this very valuable in dealing with people in the future. If I had a friend going through a relationship crisis, I would definitely suggest they buy this book. I believe it will provide answers for them.

Brad Corbin, 63, Male

St. Charles, IL.

I really enjoyed A Drink with Legs! Your openness is inspiring and a great example of how you model “revealing rather than concealing.” Also, the quotes at the beginning of each chapter from a variety of famous and influential people were very powerful as well. You don’t pull any punches regarding the difficulty of the journey, yet you walk through the process in a very enjoyable way. Finally, Part 4, which describes the twelve steps to recovering from relationship addiction and creating a healthy relationship, was invaluable to me as I seek to experience a great relationship.

Rick Marchiori, 55, Male

DesPlaines, IL

Roy Biancalana

Roy Biancalana is an author, a certified relationship coach, a certified “Living Inquiry” facilitator and a spiritual teacher. He has been supporting the personal growth and life-transformation of thousands of people for nearly 25 years. His passion is working with men and women who are committed to awakening to their true spiritual nature and experiencing the love life they most desire. With a warm, personal and informal style, Roy specializes in supporting single people in attracting the love of their lives and also helping those who are in committed partnerships experience a deeper level of intimacy. READ MORE

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