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  1. Becoming a Coach: A Hot New Trend in the 21st Century

    Becoming a Coach: A Hot New Trend in the 21st Century

    Interested in becoming a coach? I’m sure you’ve heard of life coaches, relationship coaches and many other kinds of coaches. It’s an exploding profession with an amazing upside and it may be a perfect fit for you. Coaching, however, does have its downsides. I’ve been coaching for more than a decade and I’ve also mentored many who are interested in pursuing coaching as a profession. Here are some of the most common questions I get from those interested in becoming a coach.

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  2. Intimate Relationships and the Living Inquiries

    Intimate Relationships and the Living Inquiries

    Intimate relationships have a special ability to trigger deep stories of being inadequate, unlovable, unattractive or not good enough. Whether it’s dating, committed partnerships, marriage, break ups or divorce, relationship experiences are powerful mirrors, revealing who we believe ourselves to be. In this course, our relationships (or the lack of...

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  3. Why We Self-Sabotage

    Why We Self-Sabotage

    One of the most bizarre aspects of being human is our tendency toward self-sabotage. I see it in my life and in my coaching practice. Just when things start going well, just as we’re about to achieve a goal or make a positive change in our lives, we do something...

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  4. Reflections on Dis-Ease

    Reflections on Dis-Ease

    Stress, worry, angst, dread, fatigue, agitation, fear, anxiety, frustration, pressure. Have you noticed how often the inner landscape of our lives feels this way? We live all bunched-up and contracted much of the time, don’t we? Tightened muscles, churning stomachs, shallow breathing, sleepless nights, tension headaches, obsessive thinking. We live...

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  5. The Core of Relationship Difficulty

    The Core of Relationship Difficulty

    Our way of being in the world, the way we present ourselves, our public persona if you will, is formed in reaction to, or is compensating for, an underlying belief or story that we are lacking or deficient in some fundamental way. It’s this story of lack or deficiency that...

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