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  1. Reflections on Dis-Ease

    Reflections on Dis-Ease

    Stress, worry, angst, dread, fatigue, agitation, fear, anxiety, frustration, pressure. Have you noticed how often the inner landscape of our lives feels this way? We live all bunched-up and contracted much of the time, don’t we? Tightened muscles, churning stomachs, shallow breathing, sleepless nights, tension headaches, obsessive thinking. We live...

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  2. What to do when You’re an Emotional Wreck

    What to do when You’re an Emotional Wreck

    To be human is to have feelings and emotions. It’s a normal and natural part of life. However, there are times when events or circumstances overwhelm us to the point where we’re an emotional wreck. Mild moodiness is one thing, but when we’re a mess—feeling lonely, hurt, anxious, betrayed, angry,...

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